Milford Wrestling


What paperwork do I need?


All other forms needed 

  • Emergency Contact - Everyone needs to have an updated Emergency Contact form on file with the Milford High School. 

          Click here to download.

  • Physical Exam - If your athlete has never had a Physical Exam to play sports at MHS, he/she needs one ASAP. The District requires all student athletes to have one exam during their four years of High School.  Click HERE to download the Physical Form.

  • Student Athletic Handbook Acknowledgement Form -
    • If you’ve already filled out one for a Fall sport at MHS, you do NOT need to sign another one. 
    • If your wrestler did NOT play a Fall sport, you must read and sign Handbook Acknowledgement Form.  Click HERE to download. (see page 13)

  • Parent Transportation Agreement  - These forms are mandatory in order to drive other athletes home or to/from wrestling events and also permission for your wrestler to travel with others. 

          Click HERE and HERE to download these two required forms.


  • Concussion Testing Consent Form - initial concussion test prior to beginning the season.  Click Here to download.  If your athlete already had the testing during their Fall season, this is not needed again. All Freshmen and Juniors must complete the test prior to participating.

  • Skin Lesion Release Form. Click HereYou only need to bring the second page to your physician.

  • Spartan Pin-a-Thon Form. Click HERE . This is our Team's main fundraiser!

2016-2017 Athletic Handbook.doc 2016-2017 Athletic Handbook.doc
Size : 115.5 Kb
Type : doc
Size : 219.664 Kb
Type : pdf
2016-2017 Parent Transportation Agreement.pdf 2016-2017 Parent Transportation Agreement.pdf
Size : 735.985 Kb
Type : pdf
Skin Infection form 2017 .pdf Skin Infection form 2017 .pdf
Size : 170.474 Kb
Type : pdf

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