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Milford High School Wrestling

What a Great Season it was! We saw wrestlers reach milestones in their careers to include the 50 win club, winning state championships, winning their first match ever, getting in shape, getting healthy, reaching personal goals and growing their overall knowledge of our amazing sport! Well done! 

We encourage all wrestlers who will not be graduating to make a plan for the off season to make yourself better whether that be playing another sport to stay fit, hitting the weight room to increase your strength or finding a local club to continue wrestling.  These options are available to all, but the motivation must come from the individual wrestler.  If you need motivation, just look at your season and ask yourself if there's room for improvement.  Unless you won the National Tournament, the answer to that question is YES!  There's always room for improvement at all levels.  The effort starts now though, not next November when the 2017-2018 season begins. 

The Coaching staff is tremendously proud to have coached this great group of young men this year and look forward to what the next season brings!  As always a huge THANK YOU to our awesome parents who support our wrestlers and the program and to our team mom Danielle DeBernardo for all of her efforts! 


                                                                           “Built on Rock”

                                                                        The Coaching Staff


                                     GRANBY CAMP 2017

We will be going to Granby Camp in Virginia this year! June 25 -June 28. 

Click the "Camps & Training" link in the left hand column for more information.

“Once you’ve wrestled, everything else in life is easy.” ~ Dan Gable



"If you're not lifting weights, you're falling behind" ~ Coach Sellars

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